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See how you compare to other buyers in your area, get on agents' 'Hot' lists and beat other buyers to your dream home

How It Works

Get a score

Use Hipla at the start of your property search.

See a detailed breakdown of how much you can afford.

Get a score and see how you compare in realtime to other buyers looking in your search areas.

Share with agents

Share your score and register your details with multiple estate agents, saving you time and effort.

Then improve your position by following our personalised recommendations ... automatically keeping your agents updated.

Agents will see you're a hot buyer and you'll be more likely to find out about properties first.

Buy your dream home

So when you do find your dream home, you're better positioned, more likely to beat other buyers to get your offer accepted and can transact quicker ... reducing everyone's risk.

... and it's FREE.

  • Get a score for your buying position
    Get a score
  • See how you compare to other buyers
    See how
    you compare
    to other
  • Improve your buying position

I am a buyer

Let us help you become the best buyer.

Find out about properties before they've been listed* by showing estate agents your worthiness as a buyer.

Improve the chances of your offer being accepted.

Reduce the risk of your purchase falling through.

I am a seller

Insist your buyer is validated through Hipla.

Get full transparency of their position (and everyone in the chain) before you accept their offer.

Presented in a simple and clear way.

Review a buyer's report sent directly to you from your agent.

I am an agent

Let buyers electronically register in depth details with you and receive updates to their buying position in realtime.

Save time chasing information so you can focus on other aspects.

Easily filter to the 'hottest' buyers.

Enjoy quicker transactions with less risk as Hipla buyers will be better positioned.

See how Hipla creates you a revenue stream.

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* There is no guarantees that you will find out about properties before they've been listed, but if you have a good buying position and keep the estate agent updated (by allowing them to see your data/profile through hipla.co.uk) then you are more likely to be on their 'hot' list.