Simply a better, more efficient and more profitable way for estate agents to handle leads.

We'll save you time, silently improve your leads and give you and your sellers better transparency and quicker transactions.

We can even generate you referral fees ...

And we're FREE.

Hipla for estate agents:

Hipla for other professionals:

For Estate Agents

A smarter way to qualify buyers

A quicker, easier and more profitable way to qualify buyers, working alongside your existing processes.

Buyer registration

Using our simple framework, your buyers can quickly, easily and conveniently self qualify themselves, up front at the start of their property search, giving you better information than you traditionally deal with at this stage.

Simple scoring

Each buyer gets two scores, showing how far progressed they are in raising finance and how far progressed they are in selling any property. Scores enable easy comparison, are 'evidence' based and you also get full access to all of their underlying data.

Enjoy quicker transactions

Our framework also uses different techniques to help and encourage buyers to better position themselves. So when they do find their dream home they're more likely to have their offer accepted and can transact quicker.

Real time information

As buyers improve their 'buying position' you'll then see updates in real-time, saving you time chasing information.

Your dashboard

Easily filter your 'dashboard' to the 'hottest' buyers, so you know who to focus on.

Chain view

Drill into a visual representation of a buyer's chain, exploring everyone's 'buying position'.

Attract new sellers

Provide your sellers with an automated, structured & detailed report of a buyer's 'buying position' at the point you send them an offer, enabling their decisions to be 'better informed' than if they had used a rival agent.

For Other Professionals

Mortgage Brokers

Provide mortgage broking services to our platform and only pay a referral fee if and when a transaction completes.


Provide conveyancing services to our platform enabling buyers and sellers to receive automated quotations.


Provide surveying services to our platform enabling home buyers to receive automated quotations.


Provide removal services to our platform enabling home movers to receive automated quotations.

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